ADDICTIVE V2 BUGGY W/Out insert S2 (SOFT) (2 PCS.)

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This is the ADDICTIVE V2 tire from PROCIRCUIT. Like its predecessor, this tire has been designed to extend tire life on the most abrasive racetracks. The small, tightly packed pins give to this tread pattern great wear characteristics on hard packed, blue grooved and polished surfaces or when you have extreme wear conditions with slightly dusty surface that creates wheel spin provoking high tread wear. It provides low wear, good forward traction and easy handling.

The Addictive V2 is perhaps the wheel that has changed most compared to its predecessor. Maintaining the large quantity of pins, in this new design we have chosen to group them into groups of 4 looking for different spaces between some rows of pins. This space between groups of pins provides better performance on slightly dusty tracks without damaging its performance on clean and compacted tracks with high grip.

The V2 series features a new insert to better fit the new tire structure improving the overall performance with more consistent handling in the bumps, effortless jumping and an easy to drive feeling.



Procircuit S compounds have been developed for slippery surfaces. For those conditions where is missing a little bit of grip with C compounds. With the S compounds we have achieved greater lateral grip, greater durability and, being less elastic than the C compounds, they centrifuge less at full throttle.

S compounds are available only for the Claymore and Addictive tread patterns

Available in C1 Super Soft (white), C2 Soft (yellow), C3 Medium (orange), C4 Hard (blue), K1 Clay Super Soft (pink), K2 Clay Soft (red), S1 Super Soft (white double dot), S2 Soft (yellow double dot) and S3 Medium (orange double dot) compounds. Compounds K1, K2, S1, S2 and S3 are only available unlgued without insert and rim.


Gluing recommendation:

C and K compounds: Wipe the gluing area with a clean cloth and brake cleaner. Then, using another clean cloth, wipe again with Procircuit Green Tire Cleaner part # PC0015. Use a fresh Procircuit’s Tire Glue to ensure a perfect bond. Part # PC0012

S compounds: Only sand the rubber, no cleaning is necessary. Use a fresh Procircuit’s Tire Glue to ensure a perfect bond.

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